Top Men’s Hair Care Tips

Keep Products Separate

While being able to take a shower in under three minutes is impressive, it doesn’t count if you’re using a two-in-one shampoo and conditioner. These products do take less time to use, but results in hair that doesn’t get the treatment it needs. Find a separate shampoo that is designed for your hair type as well as a separate conditioner that gives your hair the nutrients it needs to be healthy and shiny.

Don’t Overwash

It’s a huge misconception for both men and women that our hair needs to be washed every single day. When hair is washed every day, it rids hair strands and our scalps of healthy oils and leaves the hair feeling dry and brittle. And who wants that? Instead, only wash your hair every other day at the most and be sure to use conditioner every time you get in the shower. Just because you’re not washing your hair, doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t shower every day.

Be Wary of Tight Hats

Even though the weather in Minnesota will soon be bitterly cold, wearing tight fitted hats like beanies can cause breakage. This is especially true when your hair is still wet after the shower. If you do need to wear a hat, make sure the hair is thoroughly dried and the hat fits loosely on your head.

Keep up With Maintenance

Men tend to keep their hair shorter, which means that they require haircuts more often. We understand that with a busy schedule, a regular appointment at a hair salon can be frustrating. However, a regular appointment will ensure that split ends are cut away, leaving your hair looking and feeling its best.

Use Warm Water

There’s nothing better than a long, hot shower, but there’s also nothing worse for your hair. Whether it’s hot water or a blow dryer, heat can cause significant damage to your hair — another reason why it’s so important to use a conditioner in the shower even when you don’t wash it. Turn down the water temperature and use a medium heat on the blow dryer. Bonus tip: finishing your shower with cold water is another step in protecting your hair’s natural oils, and leaves your skin softer too!

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Use Less Product

The best thing about a healthy head of hair is being able to run your fingers through it. So if you’re using too much hair gel or wax, when you, or someone else, runs their fingers through it, all they feel is greasy, oily hair. If you need a great hair product, our hair stylists will recommend one that works well and you can still enjoy naturally soft and flexible hair.

Men’s hair care doesn’t need to be complicated, just consistent. For a great men’s haircut, find a Fantastic Sams hair salon near you and schedule your appointment today!