The right haircut can make you feel great and look your best — but how do you decide what is the “right” haircut for you? At Fantastic Sams, our goal is to always give you a great experience, whether you want a simple trim or you’re ready to dramatically change up your style. There are a lot of styles to choose from, and we want to help you make the best decision for you, so in today’s blog post, we’ll be talking about a few of the most popular men’s hairstyles we can help you achieve! Read on for a few ideas, and stop into a Fantastic Sams near you to talk it through with our men’s hair care experts!

1. Scissor Cut

Your hair stylist will need a little guidance from you on what kind of haircut and style you want, and if you’re not sure, asking for a scissor cut is a good fallback. A scissor cut dictates what kind of haircut you get without dictating the style — asking for a scissor cut means your hair stylist will only use scissors to cut your hair, not clippers. If you want your hair to be about an inch long or longer, stick to scissors!

2. Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most classic men’s hairstyles. Typically, a crew cut includes shorter hair at the back, longer hair on top, with a taper between the two lengths on the sides. There are a lot of options when it comes to the exact length as well as the texture and style of your hair, so talk through the details with your hair stylist!

3. Buzzcut

If you want to keep things simple and low maintenance, then you may want a buzzcut. It’s a very short, military-style haircut where the hair is clipped close to your scalp, and the length is the same all over your head. You can decide on how long you want your hair to be.

A quick shortcut for explaining what you want to your stylist is to name the number of the blade guard you want them to use on the clippers. We’ve listed the options that are likely to work best for a buzzcut, so you can choose what you like and tell your hair stylist you want a buzzcut with a “one” or “three.”

  • Zero — no guard, mostly shaved with a little stubble
  • One — ⅛ of an inch
  • Two — ¼ of an inch
  • Three — ⅜ of an inch
  • Four — half of an inch

4. Fauxhawk

A fauxhawk, as the name suggests, is a “false” mohawk. A mohawk includes a stripe of longer hair that runs from the front of your hair to the back, with the sides shaved. A fauxhawk is a more relaxed interpretation of the mohawk — the hair on top of your head is left longer while the sides are cropped shorter. You can decide how much hair you want left longer, how long you want it, and much more. Just tell your hair stylist what you’re looking for!

5. Fade

A fade refers to a short cut where the hair on top of your head is longer and blended to a shorter length at the sides and back. If you ask for a skin fade, the longer hair will be blended down and shaved close to the skin at its shortest. You choose what length you want and where you want the fade to start and stop.

6. Undercut

An undercut is another example of a style where the hair at the back of your head and the sides is cut shorter, but rather than blending or fading, there is often a clean line of division between the longer hair and the shorter cut. Undercuts are becoming more popular for guys going for the man bun look — it allows you to grow the hair at the top of your head long while keeping the back and sides short, simple, and manageable.

Get the Cut You Want at Fantastic Sams

Whether one of these popular men’s hairstyles jumped out at you or you’re still considering your options, the team at Fantastic Sams is here to help! We’re here to offer full salon services, including many men’s hair care options, for a great price. We work hard to make sure you love the results, because we know your wallet will! Stop in for a fresh cut today.