Warm vs. Cool Colors

The first thing to know when thinking about hair color is the difference between “warm” and “cool” colors. Traditionally, warm colors refer to the span of hues encompassing reds, oranges, and golds, while cool colors take up the other part of the color wheel with blues, greens, and purples. While all of those colors are certainly options when dying your hair, we can also expand our understanding of warm and cool tones to traditional hair colors like blond and brunette.

We encourage you to talk to your hair stylist about what you’re looking for in a hair color — they can help you find a cool blond tone or a warm brown. Generally speaking, you can think of “cool” and “warm” colors by their undertones. Platinum blond, for example, has more of a blue tone, while strawberry blond tends to be warmer because of its red-gold hue. There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to professional hair color, and the stylists at Fantastic Sams will be happy to help you find the perfect shade.

Consider Your Skin Tone

One of the first steps to deciding what kind of hair color will fit you best is to check your skin tone. Warm skin tones tend to pair well with warm hair colors, while cool skin tones work well with cool colors. How do you know what kind of skin tone you have? Aside from simply checking your clean, makeup-free face in the mirror of a well-lit room, we have a good tip: look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear blue or purple, then you likely have a cool skin tone. If they appear green, then you have a warmer skin tone.

Check Your Closet

Another way to decide what color will look best on you is to check your closet! Your favorite outfits are a great representation of what colors look good on you. Do you tend to wear reds and golds? Chances are good that you have a warm skin tone. Do you have a preference for ocean tones like blue and green? You likely have a cool skin tone. If you like to wear a lot of black, gray, and white, then you may have to dig a little or experiment with a few items from a friend to decide. There is also a chance that you have a neutral skin tone and you look good in everything — if so, lucky you! The world of professional hair color is your playground.

Choose Your Hue

Once you have a better idea of what kind of undertone you want in your new look, it’s time to decide what color you want! Do you want to keep it natural or go for something more drastic? Keep in mind that the more you deviate from your natural color, the more upkeep your hair will require to maintain that hue. Your professional hair color appointment may also be more expensive if you are going for a lighter color and your hair needs to be bleached first. If you choose an unnatural color, such as blue or pink, it is likely to fade more quickly and more obviously than something within a few shades of your natural hair color.

Ask for What You Want

The most important part of getting a result you love from any appointment at a salon is to ask for what you want — and be specific! Using simple words like “blond,” “brown,” or “red” won’t help your hair stylist read your mind and understand exactly what you’re looking for. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Referencing foods like honey, espresso, caramel, or merlot can be great guidelines for helping your stylist understand what you want! At the end of the day, the best way to explain what color or style you’re looking for is to bring in a picture, so don’t be shy about flipping through fashion or celebrity magazines until you can find an example that matches what you have in mind.

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