There are some women who can quickly put together an amazing hairstyle with twists, curls, braids, and accessories that looks flawless and effortless. On the other hand, there are some women who spend hours in front of the mirror with curlers, hair spray, and bobby pins, and all they have to show for it is a ponytail that they quickly put up because their arms were too tired to keep trying. So if you’re the type of person who is intimidated by fancier women’s hairstyles, it’s OK! There are professional hair salons out there for a reason!

At Fantastic Sams, we love working with hair and creating beautiful hairstyles that are perfect for any occasion. So whatever event is coming up on the calendar, don’t stress about spending hours getting ready. Schedule an appointment at the salon nearest you and our expert stylists will make sure that you look amazing!

Here are some of the most popular events that we style hair for:


Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, member of the family, or simply a guest, a great hairstyle is a must if you’re attending a wedding. Brides often feel like they need to spend a lot of money on a hairstyle, which makes sense — they will be the center of attention, right? However, with Fantastic Sams, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a look that will impress everyone and be stunning in your wedding photos. Whatever style dress you have, If you want an up-do, half up/half down, or a simple, yet elegant down-do, we’ll make it happen! We want you to feel confident and look amazing on your wedding day, and you can trust that we have the skills you’re looking for.

If you’re a bridesmaid, family member, or guest, your hair will look equally impressive. Bring in a picture of what you have in mind or we can explore different ideas together, the important thing is that you’re not spending hours on your own hair.


What teenage girl doesn’t want a hairstyle that rocks at their prom? The hair stylists at Fantastic Sams love prom season because we get to have fun with different styles and looks. We’ll create an elegant messy bun, wrap-around braids, voluminous curls, or any combination of styles to give you a look that will stand out from the crowd. We’ll also make sure your hair will stay looking amazing the whole night so you can dance and party your high heels off without worrying about the look falling apart. Your prom should be fantastic! And we’ll design a hairstyle that matches.

Holiday Work Parties

The holidays are coming up in just a few months; are you ready to attend work parties and functions? If you want to avoid looking like it’s just another day at work, the team at Fantastic Sams can help. There’s a fine balance between creating a professional hairstyle and one that is just boring. When you visit our salon, you can be confident that you’ll anything but typical. A clean bun placed high on your head, a simple half up/half down with some curls, or even a classy ponytail with an accent braid are the perfect looks to show everyone that you do have style.

Fundraisers and Galas

More formal than a company party, but not as dramatic as a wedding hairstyle, if you’re attending a fundraiser or company gala, it’s all about creating a classy look with some added details and flair to make your hair stand out. If you want a simple bun, consider adding some twists, or if you want to leave your hair down, pull it back with some clips. Whatever you’re imaging, we’ll make sure it looks absolutely perfect.


Not many people consider getting their hair down for an interview, but it’s the perfect time to make a great first impression. And with Fantastic Sams, you don’t need to spend a lot of money for an interview that may only last an hour or two. The point is that if you’re not confident about doing your own hair, but don’t want to leave it alone, a professional hairstylist will create a look that is simple, but professional.

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Hair styles can be hard! But with Fantastic Sams, you can get a look you’ll love that will impress everyone at your next big event. Learn more about our women’s hairstyles and the services we offer and schedule your appointment with us today!