Point Cut

A haircut is just a haircut, right? Not so fast. There are several ways that your hair stylist can cut your hair, and different techniques can help you achieve different results. A scissor cut, where your stylist uses a pair of scissors to trim your hair, is the default for many salons.

If you like the feel of scissors, but you’re looking for something a little different, you can ask for a point cut! When a stylist point cuts your hair, they use scissors to cut vertically rather than horizontally. This creates a soft but textured look.

Razor Cut

Another option for your next haircut is asking your stylist to use a razor. A razor cut creates a sharper, edgier cut compared to scissors. It’s a great technique option for creating more texture with fine hair.


For those of you with the opposite problem — thick, textured, unruly hair — then you have likely already heard of thinning! Also called weight removal, you can ask your stylist to use this technique to remove portions of your hair to achieve a lighter, looser look. Many stylists use a razor to achieve this.


Undercuts have become a popular style choice, but it can look very different on different people depending on what you discuss with your hair stylist. In general, an undercut is a style where the upper and/or outer layer of your hair is kept longer and the hair underneath is cut shorter.

Undercutting can be another technique used to thin your hair if you’re looking for weight removal. It can also be purely stylistic and as dramatic as shaving the lower half of your head. Make sure you talk to your hair stylist and clarify what kind of undercut you’re looking for!

Blunt Cut

A blunt cut refers to a cut without layers or angles, where the hair is cut straight across at one length. Many bobs are blunt cut. If you have thin, fine hair, a blunt cut can help create a dense, voluminous look.


Are you a lover of your length? Then try asking for a “dusting” next time you stop into Fantastic Sams rather than “just a trim.” Dusting is the official term for cutting off just the ends that are split or broken, keeping your hair healthy without losing any more length than you have to.


Ever since the “Rachel” came into vogue, many women are familiar with the idea and look of layers. A layered cut refers to a haircut where different layers of your hair are cut to different lengths. This is another style that can be interpreted in many different ways, so have a conversation with your hairstylist! Do you want a short, choppy cut or longer locks with a loose, undone look? Layers are a great way to add volume and dimension to your cut. The best way to dictate your look is to tell your stylist how short you want your shortest layer to be.

Bring Your Look to Life at Fantastic Sams

Whether you just want a few inches trimmed off or you’re looking for an entirely new style, Fantastic Sams in White Bear Lake is here to offer excellent, affordable salon services. You can book your next appointment here online or just stop in, and our hair stylists will be happy to help you. We hope to see you soon!